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Wanganui Jockey Club are looking for a  Track / Course Groundsperson

Responsible to:    Racecourse Manager, Operations manager, Chairman of Track & Grounds Sub-committee, President of the Wanganui Jockey Club 

Duties include:

Maintenance of racecourse & training tracks, grounds, gardens, hedges, fencing and roads.

Some of these functions will be required on a daily basis, but will vary seasonably. 

Operating and basic machinery maintenance of vehicles and machinery including tractors, ride on mowers, Polaris, 4-wheel motorcycles, water truck, and tractor hauled machinery such as rollers, discs, harrows, irrigation plant etc.

Be able to safely use tools on related jobs i.e. chainsaws, weed-eaters, workshop and garden tools. 

General maintenance of buildings both interior and exterior.

Clean stalls and carry out maintenance.

Maintenance of the towers and other outbuildings as required.

Assist with the set-up and dismantling of hurdles and steeples before, on, and after racedays, and as required for schooling practice and trials.

Provide assistance as required on racedays, trials, jumpouts and mini Barrier Trials as required, and to carry out any other related duties as required by the Racecourse Manager. 

To assist with all pre & post raceday operations, and also recording of the penetrometer readings if required by the Racecourse Manager. 

To man ‘the gap’ as required on training mornings, with the safety of all concerned a first priority. 

This is a permanent full-time position.

Starting salary $40k + phone plan, opportunities to train and study for relevant qualifications.

Apply with CV to by 31st January.

Full job description can be found at:

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