Racecourse Manager



The Wanganui Jockey Club is looking for an experienced turf management specialist and dedicated professional for the role as Racecourse Manager.

The role is a permanent full-time position and will be available from September 2019 when our current manager retires.

The candidate will need to be dedicated, loyal, a hard worker that is able to lead a small team and preferably already work in the racing industry. The successful candidate will have many responsibilities and will interact with a wide range of stakeholders so will require good communication, administration & budgeting skills, be able to plan ahead, and also meet deadlines and compliance requirements.

See the job description for more information.

Accommodation may be included in the agreement.

Application & job description can be found at www.wjc.co.nz.

Please complete the application and provide a CV to: info@wjc.co.nz or WJC, PO Box 15, Wanganui.

Applications close 31 May 2019.

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